Hello World!

Well Hello! Welcome to my life. I’m Jordan. You can call me Jae if you want, either or. My life is busy, at least I think so. with kids, and a man, a house, work.. shit never ends & it never stops either. so, I decided to add one more thing and write a blog about me & my life. My Pirate Life.

ok, today is Dec. 27, 2011. I’m trying to get ready for the new year. I’ve got a lot of changes I want to make. at work, at home, and with myself in general. since I LOVE lists.. I’ll make one.

  • Spend more time with Friends & Family
  • Organization & keeping a clean house (all the time)
  • Study Graphic Design 1-2 hrs each day (ahhh quiet time?)
  • Work on Freelance designs & market them
  • Work on DIY Crafts & market them

that’s all I have right now. but a few of them are for sure my New Years Resolutions.

Now, about this year’s Christmas. Best. Christmas. Ever. We had both of our girls together at home on Christmas morning. It was awesome. Both girls got everything they wanted. No wait, I take that back, Ryann wanted an iPod that she didn’t get. but other than that, awesome gifts for the girls. lol, the hard part now is figuring out where the fuck to put everything. I got mostly money, an AWESOME purse (from my momma), a bad ass Captain Morgan blanket, a new Skull Belt {perfect}, and a bunch of little things [like lotion, candles, knickknacks, you know the shit you don’t really need haha]. All I really wanted was a Kindle. I thought I was going to get it too. Big build up, NO delivery is what ended up happening. But oh well, I’ll buy myself one I guess. ha. when I get the extra money.

hmm, extra money… that brings me to my next topic. actually working on selling some designs and/or crafts that I’ve done. everyone likes the stuff I’ve done that hangs in my house. like the wall art I did for my office and shit like that. and now that I have internet at home [and Pintrest] there are soooo many things I can do! I just have to get the motivation to actually do it. and maybe it’s not so much motivation, but the will? I’m not sure. either way, I need to just suck it up and get it done. but, with my family it’s not always easy.


Well, that’s all I have for now. Deuces!

One Response to “Hello World!”
  1. Billy Streif says:

    You got a very great website, Gladiolus I noticed it through yahoo.


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