have a pretty…

…busy day today…

  1. work till 1pm

  2. go home, change clothes, find ryann clothes

  3. pick up ryann(my daughter 6yr)

  4. meet everyone at funeral home @ 2:15pm

  5. funeral from 2:30pm till probably 3:30-4pm

  6. pick up aateya(my man’s daughter 2yr) & kayden(my friend mark’s daughter 11yr)

  7. go home & make dinner for all 7 (at least) of us that will be there [out of nothing if you read my previous post]

  8. then play it up with the kiddos till bed time!

Oh, did i mention, with today being friday, and monday being a holiday in order to get holiday pay you have to be at work the entire day before and after right? WELL, since i’m going to the funeral today (which i told my boss about on tuesday when they hadn’t decided a day yet) i’m going to miss the second half of the day. All week long this has been fine, no problem. And today, when I bring up what time I need to leave, he says some shit about since i’m missing whatever percentage of the day i’m gone i wont’ get that percentage of my holiday pay for monday. Bull Shit. 

AND, Ryann & Aateya are getting their pictures taken together tomorrow. Anita(Cooper) is taking them. Excited about that. Ryann hasn’t had professional (meaning I didn’t take them) since she was a baby. And we will have some pictures of the girls together.


Lets see, what else before i embark on my busy day. other than being broke for the next week i don’t know what else to talk about. maybe some of these projects i’m doing can help me out… maybe i can sell some.




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