My next project

Office Storage


Ok. So… My friend Ashley that works with me just moved desks. Now she has less cabinet/drawer space and more table top space. So I’m going to make her some Paper/Magazine Organizers for her desk. I did this once before, at home in my own office and it turned out awesome! at least i think so. sorry it’s small, i’m at work and can’t take a good one. They are white with zebra print around the edges.

OK, what I’m using for each one…

(I work at a print shop so these things are easy to get for me.)
  • 1 cardboard box (approx 11 x 8 x 12)     

  • red card stock like paper    

  • and duck tape (whatever color or design you want, we will use it as trim)

Now, lets begin.

ok, so, i cut up the boxes, and the paper the same sizes. use the duct tape and taped all the edges.

*Tip* tape all the vertical edges first, then tape all the horizontal edges. it keeps it cleaner.*

I forgot to take pictures while I was doing it. Sorry about that. Here is the finished product 🙂

Finished Product


 The inside is un-finished. On a larger (wider) one that I did I filled the cardboard in with a giant black sharpie. But I think they look better sitting this way (design out) on your shelf or desk.


What did you think about it?

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