Finally! Time to post some Real Shit! lol

Man, it’s been forever since i’ve been able to just sit down and actually get some of this stuff out! ok, where do i start?

My Schedule?

So, I’ve been trying to work up a schedule for myself. Something to get me more organized. My reason for this is, with organization come calm. I suffer from anxiety, so I think it will help. The only problem, actually doing it and sticking to it. (I also have motivation problems, lol) This schedule contains things like cleaning, laundry, working on my freelance designs, blogging, working on my online store, doing craft time with my daughter, working out, meal planning, etc. Here’s the first draft.

Weekly Schedule

If you have any suggestions on how to make this work better, easier, whatever I would LOVE to hear them!

My Life At Home.

Mine and Aaron’s 1 year Anniversary is in 4 days! Damn, a year already? It seems like it took soo long to get here, but now it’s here and I’m looking back like “Where did the time go?” On that note, I love you Aaron!

Also, our lease is up on April 2nd. So we are going to start looking for a place to move. I’ve been at my house now for almost a year and a half. (MILESTONE: the place I’ve lived the longest since I’ve been grown) Don’t get me wrong, I like my house, and I HATE MOVING, but my landlord is an ass. And I like NEW SHIT, so… time to go. We will be staying in Lebanon or maybe Whitestown just because Ryann would be able to ride the bus to school, and that would be AWESOME.  Hopefully we can find something a little bigger or the same size for less money. haha, good luck, i know.

I was thinking about buying a house. But, my credit sucks, so that’s a NO GO. Which sucks, I was really looking forward to it. I know buying a house is a lot of responsibility, but it’s cheaper in the long run. Ideally I would like to find a house FOR SALE ON CONTRACT. We’ll see.

My Life At Work.

sigh… no change. Still the same things every day. Everyone bitches about everyone, everyone lets their feelings get hurt when it’s not necessary (seriously, there’s 2 people here that actually will cry if you try to correct something they are doing wrong.) Hopefully I’ll get a raise in March. My year mark at work is March 17th. I know it won’t be like a $2 raise or anything, but shit, 10 cents would help me at this point. I’m so tired of being broke. What I really need to do is find a better job. Something that pays what I should be making. I mean, I know I don’t have my degree in Graphic Design, but I’ve been doing it for 7 years, that should count for something right? I need something that will let me be more creative. lol, my mom told me a long time ago I should work for Hallmark. It’s an idea. I like making cards. But my DREAM JOB is doing DESIGN LAYOUT for a magazine. For some reason, Layout is my thing. lol. **Any Ideas On How To Do This From Home??? or at least local to Indy??***

My Life Online.

Ok. I’m sure everyone already knows, but I’ll say it again. VISIT MY STORE ONLINE AT for your custom product designs!!  I’m trying to get some more stuff up there. I’ve been working on a few different things. Also, if you have any “Word-Shirt” ideas or some things you’d like to see, shoot them my way! I love new ideas!

Also, there’s the Jac&Jae Facebook Page…Don’t forget to  LIKE US!! 🙂

Well, that’s it for today kids, lol. Come back next time 🙂


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