Hopefully the rest of February is better than it has been today!


Had a pretty good night last night. Went out with Aaron & a couple of our buddies and had a few drinks. And by FEW I mean I had 2. (Well)Vodka & Apple Pucker. I was drunk and I have no idea why. Usually that would not be the case, but apparently it matters if you have nothing to eat all day. Anyways, fast forward to about 5:00am. The alarm goes off to wake Aaron up for work & it’s on my side of the bed, so I tried to hit the snooze to shut it up & I guess I hit the wrong button (ever happen to you?) and shut the alarm off. I did say to him that it wasn’t going to go off again… but none the less, we both fell back asleep. and somewhere around 55 mins later I woke up & he was still laying in bed. This wouldn’t have been so bad, if he didn’t have to be at work by 6am. Oh, and if his work wasn’t 20 mins away. Needless to say, he lost his job because he couldn’t have any more “occurrences” until March 1st. ONE FREAKING MONTH! FML.  *Now, with this being said, I have ZERO doubt that he will find a new job, and fast. The last time he looked for a job, it took him less than a week! And shit, who knows, maybe it will be a better job! God works in mysterious ways.


On my way to work my car decides that it only wants to use 1st gear. REALLY CAR? I called Aaron to tell him about it because he drove my car to try to go to work this morning (his car wouldn’t start, also fun). He said that it was perfectly fine all the way there & back. This car is JUNK. I always get stuck with this kind of shit. The transmission is bad on it, has been since i bought the damn thing. and it was “such a great car to buy” wtf. Did I mention that I’m about to drop $3000 from my Tax Check to pay the damn thing off? Cause that money couldn’t be used for something better.

On top of all this, I feel like shit. Really regretting my choice of vodka last night, should have went with Absolute.

On a brighter note!

Got our (mine & Aaron’s) Federal Taxes filed. Now just waiting for payday to file the State. That can hurry every chance it gets!

Have you ever heard the saying

“Bad Things Come In 3’s”?

I wonder what the 3rd thing will be today.




Just got a call from Aaron. He’s already got a job lead! And it’s closer to home & hopefully pays more! He’s going in tomorrow for the interview!!!

Good job honey! I’m proud of ya!

haha, Mr. Don’t Play. 🙂


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