On Top Of Things

I am pretty sure I’ve never felt this good about my life. Everything seems to be falling into place. It seems that our tax checks were just the boost we needed. Even though we’ve had a few “bumps in the road” I’ve never been happier. But, before I tell you how GREAT it’s going… let me tell you what we dealt with to get here.

Ok, so we file our Federal taxes and about 10 days later My check gets deposited on my prepaid debit card. (mind you I filed both Aaron and my taxes one after another) I convinced Aaron to wait it out a few days, not an easy task mind you. He called around and finally got a recording saying that we had to wait until Feb 13th to even get any information about it. Aaron isn’t the most patient man 🙂 but, the 13th luckily is only a weekend away. He finds out that his refund was in fact denied by my prepaid debit card/band. Would have been a nice bit of information to have… ****YOU CANNOT DEPOSIT A FEDERAL TAX REFUND ONTO A CARD THAT DOES NOT MATCH THE NAME ON THE REFUND.**** Thankfully he also learned that his refund was being mailed to the house. I still feel bad though because I was the one who talked him into getting the damn thing direct deposited so it wouldn’t take as long. A lot of good that did. It took twice as long. With this being said, we figured that his State Tax Return would do the same (it was set up to also deposit onto my card). It deposited just fine onto my card, the exact same time as mine did. Weird. Oh well. It all worked out just fine.

Now, My Tax Check. I’m proud of myself this year. It’s the first time I’ve ever gotten a sufficient check and not had to live off of it. It’s the first time I’ve gotten a Tax check and still had a job. It’s nice. This time last year, everything but like $100 was spent up out of my check… This year is an entirely different story. I paid bills, Paid one part of my car off ( I owe 2 different parties for it), got some new gadgets (Kindle Touch, Thrive Tablet, and a Samsung Exhibit II-Phone), got some new clothes (mostly for work), got my man this sexy ass shirt that makes me want to eat him up every time i see it in him 🙂 (sorry, can’t help myself), got my daughter some new clothes and the ipod she wanted (because, let’s face it, if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be getting as much as I did). 

I mentioned that I paid part of my car off, well that’s not all I’ve done with it. Let me give you the cliff notes on the car. It was purchased from a mechanic that works for my ex-husband. He was a Ford mechanic for 25 years, you would think he’d know a good/bad car if he drove it for 2 months. I don’t know if it was just my luck or rushing into a car that wasn’t as good as I thought, but it was NOT a good investment. The transmission started going out almost directly after I bought it. Eventually the guy I bought if off of fixed some seal or something (I’m not a mechanic) and said that it might last a month, it might last 3 years… it lasted about 4 months. Then about a month ago the car started acting like it didn’t want to start so we took it to Auto Zone to get the battery and alternator tested. I guess the dumb ass only tested the battery. We ended up getting a new one because he said it was bad. Not thinking anything about the alternator because the “trained professional” didn’t say anything about it. This was wrong to assume… About 2 weeks ago that seal he fixed, I’m pretty sure that it blew all the way out. Or whatever it would do to NOT WORK. 2nd gear is a bitch. On top of the transmission problems I took the car to Pomp’s and got over $200 worth of front end work plus 2 new front tires. At this point I’m still good with paying for the front end work and most likely getting a rebuilt transmission installed. Start getting the tranny work in motion and not even 2 days later the battery light comes on in my car. Hmmm, wonder why, I just got a brand new battery a month ago. OOOHHHHH that’s right, the dumb ass at Auto Zone didn’t check the alternator (that was most likely the problem in the first place). My alternator is D.O.N.E. So now my car sits on the charger all night every night so it has enough “juice” to get me back and forth to work. This car has become more trouble than it’s worth. I’m to the point that I’m looking for a new car. And I had planned on using $2500 of my tax check to pay back the loan on the car… but since it’s been messing up so much we reached an agreement to just fix it with the money instead. Well, that was before the alternator messed up. I just feel like I’m paying more to fix the damn thing than I even paid for it. Never a good deal. 


It’s also time for us to be looking for a new place to live. Our lease is up on April 2nd. I’m starting to stress out about it. I feel like we are running out of time. I mean I know technically we still have like 4 weeks left (which is more time that I’ve had before), but we procrastinated last time and ended up having to stay here because we had no other place to go. I don’t want this to be the case this time. Too bad it’s so hard to find rentals online. It’s so easy to find apartments to rent and houses to buy, but houses to rent?? No. If you type in “Rental Houses in *your town here*” you get a bunch of crap. 97% of it is worthless. Way more productive to drive around, but shit with gas prices who can afford it?? On the bright side, I feel good about this move. I think it’s going to be good for all of us. Me and Aaron mostly. It will be OURS. Finally something that WE picked, that WE wanted, for US and OUR girls! We will be connected on a different level I think. I’m sure that sounds corny, but i guess I don’t know how else to explain it. All I know is I think it will change everything for us for the better. Well, maybe not EvErYthing, but a shit ton of it! And the more connected we are the better. 

Also… My 1 year anniversary at work is coming up. March 17th. St. Patrick’s Day oddly enough. Good day to celebrate huh? 🙂 I’m hoping for a raise. Well, I was everything but promised a raise, so at this point I’ll be pissed if I don’t get it. I feel like I deserve it. I’ve learned so much in the past year about so many different aspects of the printing business. I feel like I’m doing extremely well in my position.

I think that pretty much catches up on things. Oh yeah, on top of things… yeah, we are all caught up on bills, have money put back to move, and money put back to do whatever I’m doing with my car. This brings me back to being proud of myself this year. 🙂 And I’m glad to finally be proud to say, I have myself to thank for that.




2 Responses to “On Top Of Things”
  1. yay for you guys! I’m glad things are finally going well!!


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