Today is a good day…

But it didn’t start off that way….

Woke up this morning, finally feeling rested, and went into the living room to watch the news. Before I got the tv turned on I noticed it was raining. “Fucking Fantastic!” I thought, “I left my sun roof and windows open on my car.” FML#1 So, I go out in the rain in my pj’s and close the car all up. Then go out front and do the same to Aaron’s car because he left his driver’s window down. When it was almost time to leave I went back out to my car to start it… NOPE. Dead. FML#2 Had to drive Aaron’s car to work today.

Score before work:

Life- 2

Me- 0

Then things started looking up….

LML#1– Check-up at the Dr after work so I get to leave at 4pm

LML#2– Aaron calls and tells me that he’s got an interview @ 2:30pm (95% sure he’ll get the job and be able to start tomorrow or monday!)

LML#3– Saw an ad in the local paper yesterday for a house in the country, instantly called it and left a message. The lady called me today… 2 BR, 3 Car Garage, 2.02 acres, in the country… PERFECT. We are going to look at it tonight at 6pm. ***fingers crossed that this is the one!***

LML#4– We get to see our Awesome Kewl Friend Tony when we get home for some much needed aromatherapy 🙂

Score after work:

Life- 2

Me- 4

Ha! 2up on the day! COUNT IT!


We looked at the house and we love it. The yard’s not as big as we thought, but that’s because the landlord is keeping the back half. Oh, and it’s propane heat. But that’s manageable. So we have to wait until next week when she makes her decision. Keep your finger’s crossed!!


My Man got the job he interviewed for yesterday 🙂 You go Boo! 


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