What is the damn hold-up BMV? I paid and sent all my stuff into you on FRIDAY! 72 hours my ASS!!

This is my luck though. I swear that i keep getting signs that i shouldn’t drive that damn car. After months of it just sitting.. I try to get it fixed. 3 alternators, 2 batteries, and a connector wire later, it works! Yay! So I drive it home… well try to anyway. It dies coming into town. (this one was my fault I guess.) It ran out of gas. But in my defense, the gage said 35 miles to empty… Ok, so we get gas in it and get it home. At this point I’m excited because my car works, so I drive 5 freakin blocks to the store to get groceries. On my way home (2 blocks from my house) I get pulled over. For nothing else except he scanned my plates and saw I was suspended. Wasn’t speeding or doing anything to draw attention to myself. So now, all I’m waiting for is to be able to get my fucking license back. And every day it seems like it’s something else. I swear, these are all signs. This car has bad ju-ju. But it’s all I have, so when I actually DO get my license back… It will probably blow up or something. lol. Sigh…

Trying to keep my chin up, but everything in my head is so heavy!!! lol


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