License Update

You’ll never guess what happened today … I didnt get my license back! Surprise! Yeah not really.
After checking the status of my license this morning and seeing the big bold SUSPENDED I was a little upset to say the least. I decided to place a call to the BMV yet again.

It was then I found out that they had no record at all of anything being sent to them. Not only that but if and when its sent it will process OVER NIGHT!  But the nice man I talked to gave me a direct number for my insurance company to call the BMV. So I get off the phone with them and call Safe Auto where an equally nice woman who speaks perfect English listens to my story, verifies the paperwork has been sent twice, and agrees to call the direct BMV line with me on the line. As she’s calling them, the phone hangs up. You’ve got to be kidding. I instantly call back and start the automated process all over again.  The next woman answers so I tell the story over again. By now though it doesn’t take as I get to my point and she also agrees to call with me on the line. FINALLY, it works. So I listen to them for a while and eventually had to but in with my own questions.  Like, “why can’t my insurance company that you are in direct contact with RIGHT NOW, verify to you that I obviously have insurance and you just click a couple buttons on your computer and I’m good to go?” Nope. Not gonna happen. Instead they sent yet another sr-50 in and put a note “in the system” to check on it in the am. If its not there by then they have my cell phone number and will call me. If that’s the case “We will take it from there.” she says.
Why can’t things just work out the way I want them to? I don’t understand. I’m pretty sure if I have to wait past tomorrow I will flip all the way out. Ijs.


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