Back in the Dog House?

Yes I am!

I started back at The Dog House Sports Bar this past weekend. I’m waitressing on the weekends and tending bar on Thursday nights. Wich is Open Mic Night, and it starts on the 7th.

Let me just tell you how my weekend went. Friday night, after FINALLY obtaining a valid license, I drove to work at 7p (yay my car made it). Started off slow, but boy did I miss my Dog House Family! I had a fucking blast! I made good money and got to hang with great people! But boy did my feet hurt! 6am to 6am(when i finally laid it down) makes for a long ass day!

Stayed at Mark&Cheryl’s Friday night to save a trip back to Lizton. When I got up I went and hung out with Ryann at her dad’s for a while, then came home to take a nap. Huggie decided he needed some relaxation, so he came and chilled & watched the Colt’s game with me. (I think I mainly slept). The nap felt amazing, until I realized that I slept too late and had to rush to get ready for work Saturday night.

I made it to work on time despite my laziness. lol. And holy shit, were we busy. Over 300 people were on 1 reservation. I worked my ASS OFF!! I made decent money, not as much as I thought I should have, but it’s more than what I had when I got there! Saturday I got home around 5am.. and I must have been exhausted because I made a drink and only took like 3 drinks before I passed out. Slept till 1p on Sunday!

When I got up I went and picked up the little one from her grandparent’s house. Just when I thought my weekend was going to be epic it starts raining. And in my life, when it rains, it pours. So we are going 70mph on the interstate, and it starts to down pour.. about a minute later my windshield wipers just stop working. Fucking Fantastic. We ended up sitting on the side of the road for almost 30mins waiting for the rain to pass so I could see to drive. I swear, this car of mine is one fine piece of machinery. We made it home, thankfully unharmed. Wipers are still out of service… fml.


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