A streak of LUCK?

A streak of LUCK?

That’s right ladies and gentlemen. A streak of Luck

This is hopefully ONE of the many strapping Indianapolis Colts Players I will get to see UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL this Thursday!! When myself and a friend go downtown for a COLTS filled evening.

The day will really begin when we take a 1/2 day of work. Cause face it, who doesn’t LOVE doing that! Then it’s home (for me) to get ready. I know exactly what you are thinking… WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR? Of this, I’m not sure. There is one thing I am sure of though, I have to find an Andrew Luck Jersey. I feel that it’s a sign for me, or maybe bring me some luck. My point on this is, our team is the Colts; one of their brands is a horse shoe; horse shoes stand for luck; our new 1st round draft pick’s last name is LUCK. Therefore, I am all for this new Colt’s identity, and my new found “good LUCK charm”.

Ok… back to the day… we aren’t sure yet what time we are leaving, but the plans are to go downtown to grab dinner and some drinks. I was thinking the Colt’s Blue Bar or whatever it’s called, I always see it on the tv, anyway, or something like that. I did mention my buddy that tends bar at Bartini’s, but I have no idea where it is. lol. So, after dinner and drinks we will bust out our VIP SIDELINE PASSES and check out the field and the players. Hopefully get some autographs & pics. Then it’s up 25 rows from the field to our seats to watch the game. After that, maybe check out some sights in Indy… or go home and go to bed, we do have to work the next morning. Idk, we’ll see where the night takes us I guess.

Oh man, am I fucking excited! I have a plethora of reasons to be, let me give you a few…

  1. I’ve never been on a “real” date. And I’m pretty sure dinner, drinks, and a football game is a real date. At least it is to me. (Don’t worry guys, I know nothing serious… I’m not ready for that. But that doesn’t mean I have to sit around and mope. It’s time to get out and see the world and what it has to offer me!)
  2. VIP SIDELINE PASSES will probably be the coolest thing I’ve ever done.
  3. I’m GoiNg oN A dAtE!! 🙂 
  4. I haven’t been to a CoLtS game since before my daughter was born. (Pretty sad considering one of my best friends has had season passes as longs as I’ve known her, ijs)
  5. It is going to be SOOO MUCH FUN!!!
  6. We haven’t been drinking at all downtown, so it’ll be a new experience for both of us 😉
  7. did i mention… THE VIP SIDELINE PASSES?? oh I did.. sry… HA Sry You DonT get To Go!!! lol

lmao… Ok, all joking aside. I am a little nervous. As I said, a “real” date. I’m almost 30 and I have no idea how it works, lol. I’ve always just been with someone. I almost had a real date once. It was my 1 year wedding anniversary. It started out lovely. We stayed at the Hilton downtown, went to Morton’s Steakhouse had the best food I’ve ever eaten… then met some of my husband’s friends at the bar and drank with them. Eh, so close. haha. Another reason I’m nervous is because I know how I am.. and I don’t want to let myself get sucked into the fun and romance of it all because I know now that I do need to be by myself and figure out who I want to be for the rest of my life. But I’m strong, and I know my limits… I think. lol. And I also know that no one is going to push me into anything, so I’m gonna be just fine.

And happy! 🙂


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