You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

I got off work early and came home to get ready.

August 30, 2012

A few hours later… he was here to pick me up and start the night.

First stop, Dinner. 4 Cold Bud Lights, 1 Nacho’s Appetizer, and 2 Cowboy Sirloins later… we were both ready for a cigarette. 🙂 Dinner was so good. And the conversation was outstanding.  We joked, we laughed, we smiled. It was good for both of us. Speaking of both of us… Hey we forgot to eat our dessert! lol

Next stop, DOWNTOWN INDY 🙂 Lucas Oil Stadium. The home of the Indianapolis Colts. Home to the #1 Draft Pick Andrew Luck! And home to Hoosiers!

A short walk to the stadium, and after searching for where we were supposed to go… we are on our way down in an elevator with Jimmy “Mad Dog” Matis. As he’s explaining the do’s and don’ts of being on the field he asks if we’ve ever been on the field before. We both answer no, he says, “The first time I walked in it felt like Oz.” I started snapping pictures, as best my little phone would let me.

We walked up and down the field, watching the players warm up, taking pictures, and just trying to wrap our brains around exactly how big this place really was. It’s amazing. It’s a shame my little phone doesn’t have a zoom. I probably would have gotten better pictures of #MrLuck warming up. We also decided it was time for a little photo opp ourselves.

This next part wasn’t part of the plan… but a very welcome surprise. As I’m taking pictures of some “tight ends” haha, Brian, my date comes up to me and asks me if I would like to watch the players come out onto the field. Abso-fuckin-lutely! And he puts another pass around my neck. 🙂 You couldn’t take the smile off of my face with sand paper. So far, this has been absolutely breathtaking. I never imagined it could get any better… I was sooo wrong! It got SOOO much better!

As the cheerleaders were entering the field, we were leaving, on our way down a small corridor. 2 or 3 doors down in we walk to the “Indianapolis Colts Suite” with free beer, free food, great free view. So we took some photos, drank some beers.. had a bite of chicken, lol. And basically killed some time in style waiting for Game Time.

Around 6:55, Jimmy “Mad Dog” Matis says it’s time to go! Off we go, down this corridor, through this door way, around this corner, then I can see the field again. As I turn to my left to check out the scene, #JimIrsay walks by, exchanges hello’s with us (our group) and goes into the Locker Room. And now we wait. Have another little photo op 🙂 And then there they are. Giants in front of me. These guys are sooo huge! I swear I felt like I was a little kid haha! Videos instead of photos this time because my little phone doesn’t move that fast. I got to see #AndrewLuck, #AnthonyCastonzo, #ReggieWayne, well all of them. My little phone prevented me from getting a good photo of #AndrewLuck, but there’s plenty of video. Not to mention #CobyFleener’s booty in my way, lol. (ugh, don’t you hate your own voice on video? hahaha.. did I mention I was a little excited?)

After these mind-blowing experiences we are off to our seats. 25 rows up from the field, right on the end next to the isle and in front of an entrance (wich translates to closer to the beer, lol) Here we sat and watched the #Colts come back and beat the #Bengals 20-16! Way to go Home Team!!

The ride home was filled with good conversation. And I’m sure Brian got tired of me saying thank you. But, THANK YOU AGAIN FOR A GREAT EXPERIENCE!


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