I’m getting a MAKE-OVER!!!!!!

That just sounds exciting! I instantly picture someone like Oprah  introducing someone after their make-over, everyone stands up and applauds because she looks 10 years younger and a lot cleaner, haha. Well, this will NOT be my make-over. Because that is “normal” lol. But first, I’ll give you a little back story…

Remember a few weeks ago when I [attempted to] “De-Cooped My Life“? Well, it was around that time I decided I needed some more changes. I called my friend Krystal who is enrolled in Cosmetology School and started talking about how I wanted some Pink hair. That’s right, PINK. Like bright fusha pink. Nicki Minaj style. (Haters gone’ Hate.) So, Krystle tells me about her friend Audra who is in school with her and ready to do her “Mock” (Final exam basically). She explains to me that a “Mock” consists of getting my toes and nails done, a facial, my hair cut, colored and styled, make-up, and a brand new outfit. Total cost to me: my time.

“Ummm, WHERE THE HELL DO I SIGN UP??” is exactly what I said. LoL!

We sent photos and ideas back and forth, then this past Tuesday, Audra came over for our first face to face meeting to discus and decide exactly what we are doing. She evaluated my hair to figure out what all she needed to get for coloring my hair. BUT, the best part of Tuesday evening was getting to go shopping for my outfit!! Who doesn’t love shopping? 🙂  Well, I do, and I haven’t been to Castleton Square in AGES!!! We went to the best store! It’s called Body Central, every heard of it? I hadn’t. This place is Amazing! So much cute shit! Anyway, the girl that helped us was equally amazing! We found my skirt (black pencil skirt that goes to my knees almost), my belt (black with black large jewels), and my shoes… love them… (black almost suade like, I’ll have to get a photo.)


One more thing about Body Central,

I found the Perfect(for me) Little Black Dress.

I haven’t taken a pic with it on yet, but here it is on the hanger.

I saw it and instantly fell in love. And I didn’t even have to leave the dressing room to know I was buying it! Beautiful right?! I know. I’ll post photos soon of it on! IT LOOKS AMAZING! And I feel FABULOUS IN IT! Ohh, and I can wear my thigh high black boots with it! Uber excited about that, since I’ve had the damn things for over a year and NEVER worn them farther than my living room. lol

Ok, back to the make-over. We’ll call it MY-day from now on.

MY-day is scheduled for October 9, 2012.

After this day my whole appearance will change. But in my mind it will actually reflect my real personality better than this bland dark blonde- light brown hair with split ends so bad it just looks stringy at the ends…

it will be black and a couple shades of pink.

OMG, I know, sooo drastic right. Well, here’s the way I look at it. I talked to my boss about dying my hair. His exact words were “I don’t give a shit, it’s your hair.” So, NOT gonna loose my full time job. My part time job is at a bar… NOT gonna loose that one. What else do I really need to worry about? People that walk by me and DON’T like it? FUCK THEM! This is me, and if you don’t like it… beat it.

I’m a little bit crazy, a little bit unstable, and…

“every once in a while I like to just throw a grenade and walk away.”  [Luke, Modern Family… baahhaa] 

2 Responses to “I’m getting a MAKE-OVER!!!!!!”
  1. Anonymous says:

    How’d that whole de-coop thing work out?


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