4 months to go…

So I just realized that yesterday was October 16. In 4 months I’ll be 30 years old. This past year when I turned 29, I set a bunch of goals for myself to accomplish by the time I turn 30. I don’t like that I’m farther behind now and I was then. Why is this? Several reasons I’m sure.

1. My House. Still in an apartment. At the beginning of 2012 I lived in a house. A nice little 2 br house with a yard and a garage. Now I live in a duplex upstairs, no garage.

2. My Career. Working 2 jobs again. Which isn’t totally bad. I love working Thursday nights, I would just rather have my weekends to relax… but, when you make more in 2 nights at the bar than you make all week long as a graphic designer, you can’t really complain about working saturday nights.

3. My Daughter. There are so many different things that go through my head about her, and where we are in our life. I feel like I’m losing control over my own daughter. And trust me, it’s nothing she is doing! She is the best kid ever! (Besides a low grade in Spelling, lol) It’s our whole situation. Me letting her dad talk me into switching schools I think was the main game changer. Since that happened I just don’t feel like I’m playing the part I need/want to be. But at the same time, I can’t because I STILL have no car. (***update on car, it’s sold, for a crumby $500… so I’m on the look out for a $1000-Non-Piece-of-Shit) And I know that once that problem goes away things will be better. But at what cost? Now that Ryann doesn’t go to school in Lebanon any more, I feel like I’m forced to move to be in her school district. This sucks, I like Lebanon. It’s where I work on a daily basis. I can walk to work in less that 10 mins! Can’t beat that when you don’t have a car! lol. But still, I have to change up my life because he got remarried and now Ryann has a sister that she doesn’t want to be separated from? I know, I know, I’m not going to do that. So I move, I spend the money in gas, and hope I have better luck with the next car I guess.

4. My Boyfriend. As you know we’ve had our ups and downs this year. And I’m sure it’s heading up from here. At the end of this month he starts back at Amazon.com. No one, besides maybe him & his baby momma, are more excited about this than me! Most of our problems fall back on money. As do most couples I’m sure. But with this extra income, maybe the rest of what we want will fall into place.


Now, I know it’s not time for “New Years Resolutions”, but I still have goals to reach by the time I’m 30! And there’s still 4 months left, that’s plenty of time… Right?!


#2. Get moved into a house in Pittsboro or Lizton. (In talks with a Landlord as we speak actually)

#3. Take back control of my daughter’s life. (that sounds really one sided, haha, oh well, I’m a control freak what can I say?)

I think that if I can still achieve these goals, then my reward shall be a PUPPY! 🙂 

Pittbull or Great Dane? What do you think?


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