RE-COOP FAILED. Operation De-Coop back in action!!

2012-12-12 22.53.07

Well, that was a waste…

So, I’m single again. But this time things are a little different. I refuse to ever be treated that way again by anyone. I will never subject myself to mental and physical abuse. Always thinking I’m doing something wrong, or what can I do to make sure HE’s happy.. fuck that. I’m doin me. It’s my time to be happy. It’s time for me to show my daughter that is NOT the way to live in hopes that she never has to go through what I have.  From here on out, me and my daughter are free. Free to live, free to shine, free to be whatever we wish. And trust me, we know how to dream big!

Now, I’m just busy workin, and trying to get out the hole he helped dig me into. Wish me luck.. I’m gonna need it.


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