“I think I heard my heart break.”

My daughter is on vacation with her grandparents while I’m stuck here working on Spring Break this year. She’s been gone since Friday. Now mind you, she doesn’t stay away from me for very long, at most 2 days at a time. And that’s just to her dads house on the other side of town. So that makes it 5 days now without my Chubbs! She calls/FaceTimes me daily to catch me up on her day and vice versa. Haha, I sometimes think she’s calling just to make sure I’m NOT with Andrew. Regardless, I miss the shit out of her!

So tonight we are on the phone just talking about how tan she is, shopping, the beach, and then BAM! I get hit with “North Korea is going to bomb the United States and we are all going to die. I don’t want to die.”

She’s in Florida.
I think I heard my heart break.

I responded, ” No baby, you aren’t going to die. We will be just fine. And I will see you when you come home.” She probably told me she missed me at least 10 times in the 11 mins we were on the phone.

WHO THE F SAYS SHIT LIKE THAT TO AN EIGHT YEAR OLD?!?!?!? (Oh don’t worry that was the next thing out of my mouth) “Who told u that? Where did u hear that from?”

Needless to say, I’m not pleased. But again, she’s in Florida. What can I really do besides comfort her and let her know it will be fine? What if its not fine? —->and there I go off on a worry rant in my head…

North Korea and its bombs are a touchy subject for me anyway. My baby sister is in the Army and stationed in Southern Korea.

Tonight, I hope and pray for this world. I hope things get better, and I pray things don’t get worse.



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