FAKEality TV

Just saw this new tv show that’s coming out called “Honey Do” it’s 4 wicked sexy guys that come to your house and do what your “husband” won’t. Haha I just read that back to myself. No it wasn’t a porno. Lmao. BUT they will do, haha, plumbing, electric, construction shit, and yes even folding laundry…. Wait for it…. With their shirts off!!
That’s right ladies. Haha. Now don’t get me wrong, this would be fucking great thing if it happened. Because, well just because. But did we really need to make a tv show about it?
Probably not. But there is. I wish my life was a reality show. Haha! Fuck, it would be better tv than that. It would actually be something regular people could relate to. You know, regular people like you and me. Not celebutants with big money and fast cars. The craziest hill jack from fats-ville ain’t got shit on some of the fucked up people I’ve met! Regular people that pay their bills a little late, arent happy with their weight, and have relationship problems.
I would watch that shit. If nothing else, to just know ‘”Hey, I’m not the only one.” Would you?


2 Responses to “FAKEality TV”
  1. jables1234 says:

    Post more please, scanning through your current and past writing has made my night. This stuff is funny!


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