I’m MORE than you thought…

Random thoughts
Race around
Inside, outside,
Off the ground.
Keep it going?
Stop it cold?
Will I find this love
Before I’m too old?
My position is tricky,
But it’s all in my head.
The love of my life is
My daughter. Till I’m dead.
But I still need a good man
To keep me in line.
I’ve got a bit of a wild side
And love to let it shine.
My Best Friend
My True Love
My Partner
Through life and above
We never know
What life could bring
My whole life could change
With just one ring
Silver or gold
Or an old fashioned phone call
A ring from you is just that
Nothing else would matter at all

I miss you so much right now. Omg. I had so much fun just being around you. Your touch, your smile, your love and affection. But mostly just knowing that someone cares. And you don’t have to say a word. Your eyes tell on you every time.
Yep. I said it every time. No words necessary. Lol. When you look me in my eyes, I see so much. I see the potential to be a strong beautiful person inside and out. I see pieces of your broken heart, trying to mend themselves. I see the hurt and pain that you’ve suffered through. I see the greater you thats trapped and screaming for someone to help them out. I see your trust issues, your temper, and your immaturity. But most of all, I see your love for me.
Sorry if I got off track, I just felt like that needed to be put in ink, so to speak. Just to let it be known. I’m not as heartless as I’ve been played up to be. Haha. Ok maybe some. But what’s that they say about bitches?

it’s a scientifically proven fact… Bitches Be Trippin

Haha ok, so back to where I was. I fucking miss you nig nog!

I’m the type of woman that loves attention. I enjoy feeling wanted. I need to feel loved, needed, adored, admired… All of it! But, wtf, WHO DOESN’T?!?! Anyways, I need to feel these things in order to feel good about myself. Yeah yeah, I know that sounds horrible. But I speak the fucking truth. I feel inadequate if I don’t get any good attention. And I’m not talking about just any fucking guy that walks past me. I’m talking about the man that I’m involved with or talking to or living with or you get the point. Who I’m trying to be with.
It makes me feel like I’m not doing something right, like could I be doing something I’m not? Did I say something wrong? Did I not say something I should have? What did I do to make me unattractive (in whatever way it may be) to you?!
That’s honestly just classic daddy issues. Lmqo! Or just used to the up and down string of abusive relationships.. Either way, fucking issues. Haha oh shit.. Ok fuck, off track again. It’s late and I’m Bob Markey stoned! BAAAHAHAAA! Ok ok ok….

Right now, as I sit here, I’m 30 fucking years old. Divorced. Single. Renting. Broke. 8 year old daughter. No bright horizon ahead. No night in shining armor. I’m a fucking hot mess. I want to be a better person. I want to do right by my daughter. Teach her good solid values. In life and in herself. I want a good man. And I want him to want me. And I want my daughter to adore him and accept him into our Jerry Springer Show Family. Lol! I want to have a strong hardworking man. That takes care of business, at work and at home. 😉 You take care of me, I’ll take care of you.

Ok Jesus. I’ve spilled enough if myself tonight. Good night y’all! Till neat time.



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