Lunchtime whim

I acted on a whim today, as I often do, and took a trip to the junk yard. As I walked around checking out all the “junk” I saw some pretty cool shit! Old ass wagon wheels, street signs, chairs, haha some glue guns, and this old ass jeep. It’s an old mail carrier that’s painted with Mickey and Minnie. 😄 I thought it was pretty cool.

I wish the rest of my day was as good as that trip. Had I known it wouldn’t be, I would have just came home and went to bed today. Lol, no bill shit.

I’m kinda struggling in my “non-love life” I’m, as you would say, between a rock and a hard place. And I’m trying to get unstuck. Ugh… I’ll keep you posted.







2 Responses to “Lunchtime whim”
  1. jables1234 says:

    Who goes to the junkyard on a whim? You do, brilliant idea because that jeep is cool and it sounds like fun. Where’s my junkyard?


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