Why can’t shit just go the way I want?

Wow this day just keeps getting better. Just so everyone knows, gonna be a lot of f bombs today. Cause I am fucked. Time to vent….. I fucking hate stupid mother fuckers. . Utilities get shut off Monday. Can’t pay my rent. Can’t pay my truck. I’m so fucking tired of this shit. Why can’t I just get ahead? Always a mother fucker taking advantage and fucking knocking me backwards. I hate you. You aren’t better than shit. I hope karma ass fucks you with a cactus. All I fucking want is a stable environment for my kid to live. Have some fucking integrity. Do what the fuck you say you are going to do and stop fucking lying to everyone and taking advantage of everyone. Oh wait you can’t now. That’s right. Cause you are in jail. Can’t wait to smack the fuck out of you when you get out. No better yet why don’t you just stay there. I never want to see your fucking junkie ass again. #trustnoone

2 Responses to “Why can’t shit just go the way I want?”
  1. jables1234 says:

    I love a good rant, this one is a classic. I wish you the best and pray for your situation to get better. Hang in there.


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