When A Woman Becomes Her Own Best Friend, Life Is Easier


Let me start out by letting everyone know I put my two weeks notice in this past Tuesday at my day job. It’s been getting harder and harder to even get out of bed to make it there for a few months. I’m tired of being there. It’s not fun for me any more. And yeah my boss was lenient with me being late all the time, and it was a small business, and I learned a lot working there… But “The time has come, the Walrus said, to speak of other things…”

Within the past month a shit ton of things have happened. Good and bad.

1. My awesome cool room mate cut out on me, leaving me broke and about to loose everything. –I already blogged about that.

2. I met someone. 😁👍 He’s super cute, so fucking intelligent, and covered in tattoos. He is quite the asshole at times, but it wouldn’t be any fun if he wasn’t. I’d probably just get bored. Haha. Don’t take that the wrong way, we aren’t a couple. Maybe in time. Probably already blogged about that too. Ha.

3. I got head hunted, basically, by a small graphic company to do freelance with them. I am straying from the Print World that I know so well, and venturing off into the World Wide Web. Lol..focusing more on web design and social media management.

4. With this new job opportunity in front of my face I couldn’t help but to take a chance. I deserve to be happy, and in love with my job. So, I put my two weeks notice in at my day job. No more 9-5. Haha ok, for me it was more like 9-2. But who’s counting.

5. Being broke has given me plenty of time to sit by myself and think about a lot of shit. I’ve come to some conclusions. I’ve come up with more questions. But most importantly, I decided that my life is not going the way I planned.
Who’s fault is that? Mine.
Who has the power to change it? Me.
Will anyone else do this for me(y’all know I’m lazy. Lol)? NO.
Ok, so I’m not happy, but I want to be happy, so I have to change.
Not me personally, but the things around me. I’ve lost friends and I’ve gained better ones. And that wasn’t so hard. And we all know I’m a go big or go home kind of gal. So that’s why I decided to quit my job and pursue my dreams. Working from home. Doing the things I love.

If you are good at something, never do it for free.

Also, to let you know. I will be home full time after August 28th. I am accepting all types of jobs. From a flyer to a pallet bed. I can get it done. #PolymathDesigns #ThisPirateGirlsAntics

2 Responses to “When A Woman Becomes Her Own Best Friend, Life Is Easier”
  1. blackskull16 says:

    right about that!! life is easy when
    we are easy on ourselves 😛


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