Parenting, you’re doing it wrong.

My kid is NOT the center of my world.

Take a minute to read the blog in the link above. Now, I 100% agree with this mom. Nothing pisses me off more as a mom than my child acting helpless. I can’t do anything about how other people do things, but when she is with me she gets her own water. She makes her own snacks. She finds her own shoes. “You got legs.” A famous statement in my house, one used by my mother when I was young. And I thank her for that. When #MyMini grows up, she will be a good, well rounded person. She will be able to take criticism and not want to kill herself. She will be able to handle the words that come from the other kids and not think the world is ending if someone doesn’t like her. She will be a strong, smart, independent woman when she’s grown. That I am most thankful for.

The mentality of our society in 2013 is nauseating to me, friends.


What did you think about it?

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