This is dedicated to the guy I thought I knew. Now he’s the guy I’ll never know again.


After everything we’ve been through
You said you loved me but I never knew
How thin the line was you pushed me to

Round and round and round we went
Saying things you never meant
Neglecting our bond and it’s contents

Now spilling like blood on the bathroom floor
You’d never hurt me again is what you swore
Everything’s spinning and I can’t ignore

How stupid I was to think you could change
I didn’t see it coming I must be insane
To just let you back in and give you free rein

To break me down piece by piece
My level of hatred starts to increase
Time after time with no release

It’s changed me more than I’d like to admit
But I’ll make it work in my benefit
Cause I’ll still be me, and you won’t be shit.

by Jordan Purdy

Final count…
Bruises from shoulder blades to finger tips.
Cut on my thumb that probably should have stitches.
Legs covered in bruises.
Scrapes and lumps all over the side and back of my head.
A busted nose with a pinched nerve that makes the left side of my nose completely numb every time I touch it.

#sorrynotsorry for letting people know the truth. I didn’t deserve any of that shit.



4 Responses to “Shit”
  1. Carmen says:

    You know I’m here for you! I love you, you crazy bitch!! 🙂 😘


  2. What a punk ass MF! There is no excuse. I am sorry that you had to deal with this but I am glad you are ok! I hope the mini wasn’t around for this! My heart hurts for you.


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