What your bartender REALLY thinks

Working in a bar one of my favorite things to do is people watch. Here’s some of the shit I witnessed just last night. Lol more to come as the nights pass.

My thoughts exactly…

Damn she just blows the smoke right in your face like that? Rude.

He really just said he wears panties.

Boogie? That’s your nickname? Is that because you look like a giant booger?

Your mom just came in the bar and gave you money. Please keep hitting on me while you continue to not tip me.

Patron to Patron 2: “Bet I know her better than you do, right Jordan?” Me with a look on my face that apparently says ‘I don’t even know your name’: “Uh, sure?” Patron: “Well I met you first.” Me: “Ok, I’ll give you that.” Me to Patron 2: “The only reason I remember him is because I used to kick him out for eating all the “free” hot dogs and not buying any drinks.

This bitch is really gonna leave with this Booger over here. Ha.

I wish I could video tape this shit. I would win so much money on America’s funniest home videos. I’m just sayin.

Patron 2 to Patron (who just unscrewed his pool stick to make a shot): “Go ahead short stick it. Gotta play with what you’re used to.” Baahahaaa! Well played sir.

Ha. She left with both of them. Oh! Wait, no, all three of them.

Ok it’s 2:52. Let’s wrap this shit up.
Ready to go home and get back up at 8am. Fml.


Hope you enjoy my randomness. 😘



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