New Years Eve? Fuck! Finally!!

Yeah I’m beyond ready for this year to be over with. Cannot wait. This has been a shitty year for me. It all started really going to shit when I turned 30. So yes, I still have 2 months of the “Worst Year of My Life” but still glad to start a new year.

New Year’s Eve. What are y’all doing to bring in the new year? I’m doing one of my favorite things to do, bartend. I get to be at the bar, around great people (well most of them. Haha) and I get to MAKE THAT MONEY!! Lol and we all love that!

So what are you doing tonight? Watching the ball drop from home? Going to a bar? House party? Or going to a special event? If you can, stop by and see me at work! Have a drink! And have a wonderful New Year. I’m gonna.


One Response to “New Years Eve? Fuck! Finally!!”
  1. Dave says:

    To me, it is just another day, going from Tuesday to Wednesday.


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