What will THEY think!?

I’m sick of people being afraid of “what everyone else will think.”

How about you buck up and actually LISTEN to what the person in front of you is saying! They are the ones with you every day, listening to you every day, dealing with your shit every day… Not all of the other people out there that you’re worried about. In fact, I bet that less than 25% of “everyone else” doesn’t give two flying fucks what’s going on in your life. Want to know why? Because normal people are trying to fix the bullshit in front of them, not put a mask on it or sweep it under the rug.

If I am in any type of close relationship with someone, be it a close friendship, we are related, or you are my partner, I will be there to help you deal with your problems. Because that is the way I am. I won’t judge you on what your problem is, I’ll judge you on how you solve your problem though! What I’m getting at is if your #SO comes to you and says they have a problem with something you should deal with it. Not just ignore it, or say “You’ll be fine…”. Deal with that shit now, because it only grows and gets worse.

Deal with your life’s problems. Deal with the problems your life brings to you. And deal with your family and their problems. Do that and no one will have problems to be worried about “everyone else” finding out about.



What did you think about it?

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