The Love We Love That’s Lost

You’ve said enough, for fuck sake. I heard you loud and clear.
And then I watched you ignore my words, and every single tear.
You say I’m who you want and love, I’m all you’ll ever need.
But I’m more hurt and disrespected by every text I read.
Saying you don’t want to fight is just a waste of air.
It’s what you don’t say that makes me think you don’t even care.
The slightest reactions to this or that, the way you turn on me at the drop of a hat.
I hope it makes you feel big and strong, to put me down that way.
If all of this was done to you, would you want to stay?
Overdosing on attention, and starving from neglect.
Dying from a broken heart, that still demands respect.
“I’m sorry. I love you Pretty Girl. I want to marry you!”
You kiss my lips, my cheeks, my neck until I think it’s true.
Round and round this cycle goes, with no signs of stopping.
How can you not see what this does to me, with all the bombs I’m dropping?
There’s no holding back now, the lines we drew were crossed.
Now we’re stuck here looking for the love we love that’s lost.
I sit here feeling cast aside, empty, ominous.
Realizing it was your love for me that was so poisonous.
Be careful what you ask for, it’s not always what you dream.
Look closer. Closer! Closer still! Things aren’t always what they seem.
Jordan Purdy 11/25/14

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