“Stories from the past, thoughts of the present, and anticipation for the future.” -Jae

It’s been a while since someone significant in my life passed away. my grandma, norma jean, may god rest her soul. That was difficult, to say the least. When i was a child i remember spending the majority of my time with three women. my mother, my great Aunt Sandy #RIP, and my mama. Anyways, i wondered off topic. my mammaw’s death was hard on me. hell every death i’ve dealt with, no matter if it an intimate or casual relationship, is hard on me really. i hate the commitment quite honestly. i mourn for myself and everyone around me. my brain goes 100 mph asking question after question. all points of view, all possibilities, it doesn’t stop. tears. SO many tears. I cry at the simple thought of not being able to look them in they eye again or hug them. or find the comfort you needed in just their voice. i don’t remember off hand what the “stages of death” are, but the emotions come in waves. giant tsunami size waves. and they will Fuck You UP.

Mr. Lionel Persinger Jr. #Rockstar #LP2 #Legend A man i met not quite a year ago. a man i became close with and i looked to for “fatherly advice” at times. A stubborn ass. A smart ass. A mean ass. and one of the most loving men i’ve ever known. he’s helped me more in the past 10 months than my actual father has in my whole life. And I damn near owe that to Lynn. i don’t know where we (#MyMini and I) would be if it weren’t for him. (And to Jade, if it weren’t for you, i’d have nothing. Thank you. No matter how you feel about everything.)

Besides our one on one connection, and living in his basement, I am now part of this family. I was glad to be included into the family. not only by Lynn, but by his only son. My future husband. #LP3 #theLYNY Lionel Persinger III. A chip off the old block, as they used to say. I’m a firm believer in the fact that everyone should have a “mini” like i do… well Lynn got his! every #BadAss bone is damn near a duplicate. LOL But no matter how #macho you are, losing your father is probably one of the hardest things in life, besides losing your child. I can’t even begin to think what it feels like for him, his sister, and their grandma. And I hate the position Lyny is in, not being able to stay by his sister’s side and say a proper good bye to their father, together. But, in these situations we take what good we can get. Just know if I wasn’t here with and for Lyny I would want to be there for Lynn and for Jade. 

As i struggle to find the answers to half the questions in my crowded brain, one by one i pick out the memories. Good memories, bad memories, shit i did’t even think would become memories, and I stack them in groups. 

“Stories from the past, thoughts of the present, and anticipation for the future.” -Jae

And with that thought, i’ll say good bye. too soon to want to say it, but we don’t always make that choice. 

Lynn Persinger, I will miss you. Ryann will miss you. We all find some comfort knowing you won’t be in any more pain. Your legacy will live on forever through our memories of you. Again, a tremendous THANK YOU for EVERYTHING! And, we love you!

Safe travels on your journey.

3 Responses to ““Stories from the past, thoughts of the present, and anticipation for the future.” -Jae”
  1. Susan says:

    I’m so sorry to hear this. He was so many things to so many people. I’ve been looking for answers as to why his number was no longer his number. Now I know. Can you please tell me when Lynn passed? And maybe what happened if you feel like it? Perhaps you could private message me?

    Thank you.

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