Dear Boyfriend

dripping wet with hate and blame

shit between us has completely changed

bitterness, no desire, and plenty of broken dreams

clinging to all the little things

that we still share together

before we fucking break

like the string holding on

to the pieces of my broken heart

i want you to just give in

let me have my way

love me the way i know you can

be who i know you can be

the love of my life

the one i knew

for sure would marry me…

… and now it’s just a dream

it breaks my heart every time i think about

how powerful we could be

two people like us together

in sync, in love, and completely fucking FREE

FREE AS FUCK to live our lives

how ever the fuck we please

it breaks my heart every time i think about

how perfect our lives would be

mine and yours plus our little boy

a solid little bunch…

… but we will never know his name

the damage has been done

and the lines we crossed have worn away

before they had even begun

an epic tale of lost love

so high

so low

and oh so brief

a stitch in time

a bad romance

and now just a memory…

… a fleeting memory

why so hasty

so displeased

so fucking full of hate

in the dark so you can’t see i’m still cleaning blood 

from the open wounds you’ve given me

mind, body, heart, and soul

so exhausted from defeat

and stained with red from every single tear i bleed

i feel so broken now

like i’ll never be the same

and i know i won’t

but i know i’ll be just fine…

… just fucking fine

it was right, us together

it’s just the timing was wrong

a sick and twisted play by Fate

Love is always such a tease

tormented by Hope at every impasse

praying for Karma to make a stop

to pay back the extra despair 

because i’m carrying it on my sleeve

and it’s fucking killing me 

it’s making me insane

arguing with myself every time 

i think your fucking name…

…dear boyfriend

never cruel

One Response to “Dear Boyfriend”
  1. jables1234 says:

    Hey pirate, how hurt and sad you sound I am sorry for your hurt. I just walked away from my relationship because we are perfect together but the god damn time was wrong again and we couldn’t see eye to eye on anything once it turned toxic. I feel you words, hang tough and maybe you will have better luck and keep your love but if you don’t just know you are all you need in life.

    Liked by 1 person

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