I was online last night, “checking up” on the people I hate and the public records of their criminal activity and found out that WILL DAVIS was arrested for the felony warrant that was issued to him for the theft of our belongings. 

👏🏻 YAY… right?
HAHA what a fucking joke. 
On MyCase, he had the felony theft case AND three days later a misdemeanor theft case. Warrants issued in both cases. He served 2 days in jail, paid $300 bond for the felony case, then got fucking OR’d on the other, as long as he goes to drug treatment. 🤔 😑🖕🏼Give me a fucking break. This justice system we have here, in good old Hendricks County, is useless. Not to mention all the “hard work” the cop in charge of the case did. 😑

I mean, I gave them the EXACT FUCKING LOCATION of my laptop. The address, pictures of the house and the land around it. These mf’s told me they couldn’t find it. Hmm, that’s odd, BECAUSE WE DROVE STRAIGHT TO IT NO PROBLEM! Smh I had so much information on this house, within like 24 hrs, I probably could have owned it. (🤓Just saying.) But the POLICE couldn’t even find the fucking driveway? 

Oh and did I mention the cop recommended that we “steer clear” of the property in the future. WTF? I should have said, what property? The one y’all couldn’t find?
Anyways, so this ugly dope head mf goes to jail, shouldn’t we get notified or something? I mean, so we at least know he was located and our shit is gone? One would assume, in a residential theft situation that the owners would be notified to assure them the thief wouldn’t be back? Idk maybe I’m way off base.

Bottom line, I should have just taken care of this shit myself. Found him and his nasty baby momma, and beat his teeth in with her fucking peg leg. 
Would I have gotten my MacBook or Sandy’s PS4 back? 
Probably not. (Although We did show up at the house that find my iPhone pinged within a few hours, and I know it was still there then) 
BUT… the pure satisfaction of taking something of theirs that’s expensive and hard to replace (ie. her leg 😁🖕🏼and his teeth), would have been a good start to a restitution plan. Just my opinion. 

Alright, so I emailed the officer and let him know I was not pleased.

I also, in my “research”, found two addresses for Mr. William J Davis…. 🤗 maybe I’ll send him a nasty letter. Maybe not. Who knows. 

What I do know is, he’s a fucking scumbag. Not just for the theft of our shit, but mainly because of the reason he was even in our home. He was allowed to stay here for 2 nights because he was a long time friend and said he wanted to get sober and get away from the devilish dope whore he’s with. Takers will keep on taking, even after you’ve given them everything. Users will use up every lifeline they have, and burn every fucking bridge they cross. If you’re gonna get fucked up, Do the drug, don’t let the drug do you for fuck sake. I’ll never fully understand it. 

Well, I feel a little better about the situation now that I got all that out. Keep your eyes open for this fucktard, let me know if you see him. Don’t believe his lies and don’t let him in your home. He’s not good people anymore. And that’s probably the saddest part. 
Just remember, the answer is always 


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