My Hero. ❤

Have you ever met someone accidentally and then they turn out to be the love of your life?

On October 12, 2016 he walked into my life completely unaware of what was in store for him. Instant chemistry between us. And neither of us were trying to hide it. It was like everyone else that was there just faded into the background… all I could focus on was him. We talked for what seemed like an hour or two, oblivious to our friends all around us. After he left I probably asked about him 5 different times, but still couldn’t remember his real name to look him up online. Dicky. That’s all I could remember. lol

One week later, scrolling through good ol’ FB’s “People You May Know” section and up pops his picture! 🙂 I instantly sent him a friend request, like THAT’S HIM!! I figured he wouldn’t even remember me, but He Did! Not only did he remember me, he felt the same connection that I did the day we met! He wanted to see me again and I couldn’t get there fast enough! After one night of drinking, talking and laughing I knew I had to have more. He was smart. He made me laugh. He was respectful. He was a little bit Gangster, a little bit freaky, and a whole lotta’ man! I wanted his strong arms wrapped around me all the time! Him looking at me with them fucking to die for baby blues… Two days later I was back for more.

Over the years I’ve heard about men that will treat you like a queen but i never really believed in them. LOL Thought it was a myth made up by gay men to fuck with straight women. 😀 (Ha Ha! get it? Gay men? Queen? Ha Ha!) Anyway, I’m here to tell you guys and gals…

… Totally A Real Thing!

… a really awesome thing.

So here’s where shit starts moving… try to keep up. Basically it happened like Reba sang it, “One week later I was pourin his tea in a five-room hotel suite”. Only it was his morning coffee in a one bedroom apartment. 🙂 I was so fucking scared but still felt so at home. That was due to the effort HE put forth to make me feel at home. Hell, not just me though. My daughter and my dog too. I’ve never been so thankful for anyone else. From the jump HE has done nothing but help better our lives.

Ok, fast forward through the next two months of living with each other, learning EVERYTHING we could about each other, figuring out what pisses who off and what buttons to NOT push, and falling in love.

Fast forward to today. January 1, 2017. A new year.

(2016 can go run naked backwards through a field of dicks.)

The new year is a great time for new things. Shit like new beginnings, new love, new goals, new friends, new experiences, new appreciation for the small things, new realizations about how good life can be, or new HIS and HERs CROWNS.

One for my King…

…and one for his Queen.

We made a promise to each other one night… Treat me good and I’ll treat you better. Now I know that no matter what there is someone who will catch me when I fall and help me stand right back up again. A man that’s not too proud to take my hand when he is struggling. Whatever it takes for us to walk through this life together. We’ve both been through enough relationships to know what has or hasn’t worked. Also, we are mature enough to actually tell the damn difference. No more playing the same dumb ass games over and over. No Bullshit. 100%. 

I had no idea love could be this easy. -Me

HE makes things easy. Or maybe it’s me. I don’t know, but whatever keeps things running so smooth and “normal” with us should NEVER EVER STOP! My past relationshits were so draining and complicated. It’s such a relief to finally find a Real Man. Why, you ask? I’ll tell you. Because Real Men build you up instead of tarring you down. Real Men will fight for you, not with you. A Real Man will make your panties(God Damn I hate that word! LMFAO) wet, not your eyes. Real Men stand up FOR you not TO you. Real men will look you in the eye, tell you if you’re fucking up, and stay to help you get right. A Real Man will “get you all the way together“. And I’m proud to say, I’m about 90% together now. 🙂 I’d still be a solid 60% if it weren’t for my man. As long as I have his love and his strong arms around me, I’ll never be able to fall apart. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not all sunshine and fucking unicorns on rainbows. LOL. Trust that. We all have bad days and we all get pissed off. No matter how well two people get along, arguments happen. I mean, NO ONE can be a constant fucking delight ALL the time. People get in their feelings. People disappoint you. People fuck up. It’s human nature. SHIT HAPPENS. But, when shit gets real all you can do is be open-minded, talk when you’re calm, and choose your battles. LMAO. Choose them wisely. You won’t agree on everything.

For me, Love is about compromise. It’s about doing what you say you’ll do and being who you say you are. Love is about sharing EVERY-FUCKING-THING. Being in love means caring about someone other than yourself. Love is about togetherness and learning who you are as a couple. Love is about the last square of TP and having them bring you another. It’s about tears and laughs and farts. (Sometimes all three at the same time LOL) Love is accepting and forgiving. Love is the good, the bad, and the ugly. *theme song plays quietly. Love is random erections like, “ready or not y’all”. Love is passionate and fierce, but…                   Real Love Will Not Hurt. Love feels like high fives, forehead kisses and a good smack on the ass. Our love feels amazing. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. He is my everything. 

My Partner. My Real Man. My Love.

My King. 

My Hero. 



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