Glass blunt, thoughts and chill…

I want to do fun things. Like all summer long. Fun new experiences. Make some amazing memories. Learn some cool shit. See different places. Get to know who I am, watch my kid learn new things about herself and the world around us. Meet new people. I want to live for the experiences this world has to offer me. I will get my shit all the way together again this summer. Maybe be a little closer to where I should be by now… but I don’t want to do one part of it alone. I need someone to bring out the best in me, not the mess in me. I do that just fine by myself. 😂 Lonely is a terrible shade of “fml” with splashes of “get fucked, haha just kidding. None for you whore.” But, no, seriously, it’s the worst. Frankly, I’m over it. So, I’m headed in the opposite direction, towards Best. 


What did you think about it?

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