I was online last night, “checking up” on the people I hate and the public records of their criminal activity and found out that WILL DAVIS was arrested for the felony warrant that was issued to him for the theft of our belongings.  👏🏻 YAY… right? HAHA what a fucking joke.  On MyCase, he had … Continue reading

12 Rules for Tools

​NEVER FUCKING TELL me what to do. Ask me to do something. If you expect me to do something or behave a certain way, then expect your damn self to do the fucking same. Don’t treat me like a fucking idiot. I’m not fucking stupid. If I was you wouldn’t be with me.  Treat me … Continue reading

“Stories from the past, thoughts of the present, and anticipation for the future.” -Jae

It’s been a while since someone significant in my life passed away. my grandma, norma jean, may god rest her soul. That was difficult, to say the least. When i was a child i remember spending the majority of my time with three women. my mother, my great Aunt Sandy #RIP, and my mama. Anyways, … Continue reading

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