Glass blunt, thoughts and chill…

I want to do fun things. Like all summer long. Fun new experiences. Make some amazing memories. Learn some cool shit. See different places. Get to know who I am, watch my kid learn new things about herself and the world around us. Meet new people. I want to live for the experiences this world … Continue reading

Shit I wish I could say

1. I’m afraid you’ll leave me. What if you get tired of me or fed up with my mood swings? Questions and fears about you leaving me are always at the …

My Baby Cousin turns 20 Today!!! 

So, Makenzie, since I’m a little older and much wiser 😘 here are some words of advise. Some even words to live by. Have a wonderful birthday and most of all, BE SAFE!! I love you!! 20 harsh life lessons everyone should learn in their 20s 1. Life Has Already Begun. There is no interlude. … Continue reading

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