Poetry from the clouds…

My best advice to anyone struggling with something is to write about it.

Poems, letters, stories, whatever it takes, and get all that shit out.

“Get stoned and write.” -Me

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I’ve written these over the past 9 months. Enjoy 🙂

Unspoken Words

All the things we leave unsaid
Bounce around inside my head. 
Searching but never finding their way out. 
Constantly blocked by all of my doubt. 
Could it work? Should this be it? Would he love me back?
With all the scars others left behind and the baggage the we pack?
You carry mine and I’ll carry yours?
Keep it out of the mud when shit rains and pours?
Cause that’s what it takes I’ve come to learn. 
And we deserve to be happy, it’s our turn. 
So fuck all the dumb shit and what people say.
Head towards me and I’ll meet you halfway. 

JSP 8/2014


In a perfect world we would be together.
Magically combined in this world forever.
You’ll hold my hand and I’ll stand beside you.
Fighting the odds and managing to get through.
Thick and thin, and in between,
It would be the greatest love ever seen.

JSP 6/2014

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 11.50.12 PM

Count It.

On that “love ya but you gotta go” type shit.
My shoes will always have shit on ’em if I keep standing in it.
It’s way over due, I held on too long. Same old bull shit like a sad country song.
But I’m over it all.
And I’m checking out.
Y’all can have that shit, it’s not what I wanna be about.

JSP 4/2014


After everything we’ve been through
You said you loved me but I never knew
How thin the line was you pushed me to

Round and round and round we went
Saying things you never meant
Neglecting our bond and it’s contents

Now spilling like blood on the bathroom floor
You’d never hurt me again is what you swore
Everything’s spinning and I can’t ignore

How stupid I was to think you could change
I didn’t see it coming I must be insane
To just let you back in and give you free rein

To break me down piece by piece
My level of hatred starts to increase
Time after time with no release

It’s changed me more than I’d like to admit
But I’ll make it work in my benefit
Cause I’ll still be me, and you won’t be shit.

JSP 11/2013


Fresh & clean
Straight out the shower.
Put in work today,
Haha, girl power!

Fixed my truck,
Yeah I was wrenchin’.
I’ll do work,
Did I forget to mention?

Alternator, air filter, serpentine belt,
Each in it’s place.
Getting shit done while
Expanding my knowledge base.

Everything that was wrong
Is checked off the list.
Wires connected & bolts on tight,
Nothing was missed.

Janine is back in action.
Once again mobile.
On the move now,
But keep it kinda local.

My girl needs new shoes,
Michelin tires.
That’s next on the list,
We’ll see what transpires.

JSP 5/2014

*all original by Jordan Shane

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